Events, Workshops and Retreats (MINDBODY Enrollments)

Use the Events, Workshops and Retreats widget to integrate your upcoming MINDBODY events into your web site.

What you can do with this widget

  • Full descriptions to compact listings are available to suit your presentation needs
  • Show in a grid view with up to 4 columns
  • Pre-filter your list by program, instructor (staff), location, and class description
  • List details including pricing options for each enrollment item
  • Add register buttons to list and detail views to directly transfer to MINDBODY for registration and payment options
  • Choose the sorting option for your events (you can even set the sort order for events exactly as you wish in the Event content manager)
  • Refine your details with the content manager to add a gallery of images, improve the presentation of your description, add additional staff involved with the event, and even adjust the location if not listed properly in MINDBODY
  • Create an event not listed in MINDBODY to allow you to add items that might fall outside of the MINDBODY framework but which you would like to have a listing for on your event widget
  • Link to details for your staff with option for filtered schedules and events in detail view