Class Schedule Widget

Use the Class Schedule to integrate MINDBODY class schedules into your web site.

What you can do with this widget

  • Select from full detail to compact schedules by choosing which information to show and what order to present it in
  • Add grouping by date, staff, location, class description or program
  • Pre-filter your schedule by program, instructor (staff), location, and class description
  • Add user filters to let visitors filter your schedule dynamically by day, time of day, class description/group, staff, and location
  • Include substitute teacher information
  • Optionally show cancelled classes (with strike-through to indicate it’s cancelled)
  • Choose the start date and duration of the schedule
  • Add a date navigator to let users view up to 3 months forward in your schedule
  • Link to details for your staff and class descriptions with option for filtered schedules in detail view
  • Add Register links to classes to let users log into their MINDBODY account (or create one) and pre-register right on your web site for their favourite classes
  • Class tools in MB Spirit will let you change the actual description for a class instance
  • Use the client roster tool to find recent attendees of a class and email them directly (useful for announcing class changes, connecting with your students, and alerting to upcoming cancellations)